Residence Buildings & Gallery - Keele Campus

There are eight undergraduate residences at the Keele Campus. Most buildings house approximately 250 students and are arranged in a traditional style with standard double and single rooms sharing common washrooms and lounge areas.

We also have some suite-style buildings, which is a preferred choice for upper-year students who may like to share amenities and cook and clean for themselves.

Image of Vanier double room

Residence Residence Style Floors Elevators Meal Plan Required
Mixed-Gender  Environment
Washroom Style
Tatham Hall Traditional 13 Yes Yes Yes, with two female only floors, and one male only floor Common shared
Vanier  Traditional 13 Yes   Yes Yes, with two female only  floors  Common shared
 Winters  Traditional; some semi-private suites No  Yes Male only and female only for traditional; and mix-ed gender for suites  Mix of common shared and private
 Stong  Traditional 14  Yes  Yes Yes, with one female only floor  Common shared 
 Bethune Traditional on upper floors; Suites on lower floors. 14 Yes  Yes; and optional for suites  Yes, with one female only  floor and one female only suite Common shared
 Calumet Suites
(6 students sharing)
No  Optional Yes, with some female only suites  Two private in each suite
 Pond  Suites
(2 students sharing)
9 Yes  Optional Same gender suites except upon request One private in each suite 

For more detailed information about how the residences are linked with Faculty programs, please check the program affiliations at Keele Campus.

Residence Locations

You can check this page to see where our residences are located on the campus.

  • Students selecting a traditional style residence will benefit from a physical layout that helps them connect easily with their fellow residents. Traditional residences are the more affordable option and include the convenience of a meal plan.
  • Every effort is made to accommodate your residence preference, but there are no guarantees. You should be prepared to accept any space that is offered in any residence as it will depend on availability. Your most important objective should be to get into any space in residence, just for the experience!

Building and Room Features

  • All residences are non-smoking.
  • Most residences have washrooms that are shared by mixed-gender students, however some residences have floors or sections that are designated as female or male only.
  • Double occupancy rooms can only be assigned to students who are the same gender.
  • Some residences have adapted facilities for students with physical disabilities. Contact York’s Student Accessibility Services for a needs assessment and referral.
  • Rooms are furnished with a single bed, lamp, desk, chair, dresser, closet and garbage bin. 
  • Every room has wireless and wired Internet included.
  • Telephone and cable TV services are available on a fee for subscription basis.
  • Students supply their own linens and there are card operated laundry facilities in each building.
  • Basic cleaning services are provided in the common areas of the residences.

Take a Tour

Tours are available during the summer months. Information will be posted on the website when it is available.

For Campus Tour, please visit the Future Students website.