Lease Term Information

When you are offered an apartment you will be required to sign and return one copy of your Tenancy Agreement to accept and confirm the terms of your lease. Your lease may begin and you may move in on any day of the year during our office operating hours. For leases which do not begin on the 1st day of the month, rent will be pro-rated to the date of occupancy as stated on the Tenancy Agreement.

All leaseholders of the York Apartments, regardless of the duration of their stay, are required to provide 60 days of notification prior to moving out by submitting an Agreement to Terminate a Tenancy Form N11 to the Housing Office. 

This also applies to all students who wish to move out for a temporary period between academic terms (e.g. during the summer months), and will require the student to re-apply for housing if they wish to return to York Apartments in future academic terms. Students already in a lease may not re-apply until they move out and there must be at least one academic term (or four months) between tenancies.

Students who become de-registered during their tenancy will receive notification from Housing that they must submit their notice to vacate or provide some proof of re-enrolment in a future term. Students who are graduating are permitted to extend their 60-day notification of move-out to allow for attendance at their graduation.

A leaseholder who wishes to temporarily vacate their specific unit and sublease it to another tenant is required to register their subleasee through Housing Services and the subleasee must also be a student registered at York University in good standing.

The leaseholder has the financial responsibility for payment of rent to their student account at all times. Students who accumulate debt on their student account from their previous academic terms will be notified that their enrolment will be blocked and that they may be evicted.

We make every effort to ensure the information posted on our website is as current as possible. However, it is necessary from time to time to alter policies and procedures and the University reserves the right to make these changes.