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Residence Guarantees

You are guaranteed an offer of residence if you are a first-year student admitted for the Fall session directly from a full-time secondary school program and you apply by June 1, 2018.

Single Room Guarantee: You will be assigned to a single room if you are a first-year student admitted with a minimum 90% average, and you apply by June 1, and you select the single room preference.

Residence offers will be sent out via email starting June and will continue throughout the summer. Please contact Housing to discuss your application if you have not heard from us by mid-July.

Students who apply after June 1: We cannot guarantee you a space in residence and you could be placed on a waiting list. Space will be offered as it becomes available throughout the summer, and priority will be given to first-year students who live farthest away.

Assignment and Preferences

You can select up to two residence preferences on your application, however Housing cannot guarantee to meet your specific requests. You should be prepared to accept any available space in any building. All residences have a great support system and experience to offer to first-year students.

First-year students should experience living in a traditional dorm-style residence with a roommate. It’s a great way to meet other students, socialize and study together. Plus you’ll enjoy the convenience of a meal plan. Dorm residence is our most affordable option and cleaning services are provided in the common areas and washrooms.

Suite-style residence is a preferred choice for upper-year students who may like to share amenities and cook and clean for themselves.

Roommate Matching

Many first-year students will be sharing a double room.The residence application asks specific questions about your lifestyle preferences which will be used to match your compatibility with potential roommates. You will have the opportunity to self-select a roommate or have one selected for you. To ensure optimal compatibility and harmonious roommate relations, please make sure you answer the questions thoroughly and honestly. Double rooms may only be shared by students who are of the same gender.

The roommate selection module will be open between April and August 1, 2018, when both of you can return to your online residence application and accept each other before Housing can confirm your room assignment together. Please note that it is no longer accessible to students who have been offered a space.

Housing will make every effort to accommodate your preferences, but we reserve the right to assign all residence space according to availability, suitability, fairness and need.

Offer Acceptance and Confirmation

Residence offers will be sent out starting June by email. To accept your residence offer, you must:

  • Return your signed acceptance offer letter (both pages) to the Housing Office via fax or email by the deadline specified AND 
  • You are required to pay a $300 non-refundable room offer deposit online using a credit or visa debit card upon acceptance of your residence room offer. Your deposit is not an additional charge and will be deducted from your room fees after you move in. Instructions on how to pay your room deposit online will be included with your room offer.

Students will be offered a specific room in a specific residence building. Students who accept their offer are accepting their specific assignment.

You may not change your building or room assignment without permission which will be given only in emergencies and other special circumstances. If the reason for transfer is due to roommate conflict, you must contact your Don or RLC. Transfer will not be granted unless they are mediated by Residence Life & Housing Services, and pending availability. If you receive written approval to transfer to another residence room, you will be charged a $100 transfer fee and you will be responsible for covering any additional room upgrade costs, if applicable.

If you decline your residence offer then you may ask to be placed on a wait list or have your application cancelled.

If you do not respond to your residence offer by the deadline indicated, your offer will expire and your application will be cancelled. You may contact Housing and request to reactivate your application and be placed on a waiting list at any time.

Information about moving in and other residence services will be included in your offer package. It is your responsibility to contact the Housing Office and check your offer status in order to meet your acceptance deadline.

Waitlisted Applicants

If you do not receive a residence offer by July 27, then you should contact us to let us know you are still interested in waiting for an available space.

Fees Policies

Cancellations: Students must notify Housing Services, in writing, if they opt to cancel their residence reservation. It is also the student’s responsibility to notify Housing Services immediately if they are not accepted into their programs. Any student who cancels their room reservation will forfeit their $300 room deposit.

Late Cancellations: First Year students who cancel their room reservation after July 31, 2018 and continue to be enrolled at the University will forfeit their $300 room deposit and will be assessed a $250 Late Cancellation Fee.

No-show: Incoming residents must notify Housing Services, in writing, if they will be arriving after their scheduled move-in date. Any student who does not move in by the first day of classes without previously informing Housing Services will lose their room reservation, forfeit their $300 room deposit and be assessed a $500 No-Show Fee.

Transfers: Any student who has received written approval to transfer to another residence or room will be assessed a $100 Transfer Fee.

Holiday Closure: Any student who received approval to remain in residence during the Holiday Closure period starting Friday, December 21, 2018 (4:30pm) until Wednesday, January 2, 2019 (9:00am) will be assessed a $250 fee.

Early Move-in: Any student who received approval to remain in residence during the Holiday Closure period starting Friday, December 21, 2018 (4:30pm) until Wednesday, January 2, 2019 (9:00am) will be assessed a $250 fee.

Late Move-out: Any student who received written approval to move out later than the occupancy end date stated in Section 1, will be assessed a nightly rate of $30.

Withdrawal from Residence: Students must notify Housing Services, in writing, if they opt to withdraw from residence. The withdrawing resident will be responsible for the remainder of their residence and meal plan fees or the $500 Withdrawal Fee and the pro-rated room and meal plan fees in the event that the vacated room is assigned to a new resident. Housing Services cannot guarantee if or when vacant rooms will be assigned to another student.

Withdrawal from the University: Students who withdraw from the University are no longer eligible to live in residence, and must vacate their room within twenty-four (24) hours of withdrawing from their courses/program. Any student who withdraws must notify Housing Services, in writing, about their academic status and will be assessed a $500 Early Withdrawal Fee.

Removal from Residence: Any student who is removed from residence for conduct issues is subject to sanctions outlined in the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities as well as any applicable fees/fines.


Note: Housing Services strives to ensure the completeness and accuracy of information contained on this website, however, we reserve the right to change any of the information at any time without notice.