Are you interested in living amongst other students who share a similar academic program and study focus?

Which Faculty or Program did you apply to?

Faculty of Health – is affiliated with Calumet and Stong Colleges.

  • Calumet Residence is a good preference for students who enrol in Psychology, Global Health, Health Informatics, Heath Management, and Health Policy.
  • Stong Residence is a place where students who enrol in Kinesiology & Health Science and Nursing programs like to gather.

Lassonde School of Engineering – is affiliated with Norman Bethune College and all students enrolled in this new and exciting Faculty like to live together in Bethune Residence.

Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies – is our largest Faculty and has affiliations with several of our Colleges according to specific programs.

  • Calumet Residence is a good choice for students who enrol in Cognitive Science.
  • Stong Residence is a place where English, Creative Writing, Professional Writing like to congregate.
  • Tatham Hall is for the “like-minded or not like-minded” students who enrol in Criminology, Global Political Studies, Interdisciplinary Social Science, Law & Society, Political Science, Public Policy & Administration, Sociology, Work & Labour Studies.
  • Vanier Residence houses a large population of students who study Business & Society, Business Economics, Children's Studies, Classical Studies, Classics, Culture and Expression, Economics, Financial & Business Economics, Hellenic Studies, Humanities, Individualized Studies, Jewish Studies, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Undeclared Majors, United States Studies.
  • Winters Residence though largely inhabited with students attending School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design, has an affiliation with the LA&PS Communication Studies program.

School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design - is affiliated with Winters College and Winters Residence has traditionally ranked top choice for students enrolled in the arts programs.

Schulich School of Business – is affiliated with Calumet College and Calumet Residence is a popular preference for Schulich students.

Faculty of Science – is affiliated with Norman Bethune College and Bethune Residence has traditionally ranked top choice as a place to live for all of our science enthusiasts.

Other LA&PS and Environmental Studies

For programs affiliated with Founders College (African Studies, Anthropology, Canadian Studies, East Asian Studies, Environmental Studies, European Studies, French Studies, Gender & Women's Studies, Geography, German Studies, Health & Society, History, International Development Studies, Italian Studies, Latin American & Caribbean Studies, Linguistics, Multicultural & Indigenous Studies, Portuguese Studies, Russian Studies, Sexuality Studies, Social Work, South Asian Studies, Spanish, Urban Studies) -students can apply for other Complex 1 LA&PS - based residences such as Vanier or Tatham Residence since Founders Residence is the home for students enrolled in the York University English Language Institute (YUELI) programs.

For programs affiliated with New College (Administrative Studies, Information Technology), students may select any residence preference.

Please note that Pond Residence is primarily an upper-year option no matter which program a student is enrolled in.

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