Meeting & Facility Rentals

York University has a variety of room sizes to accommodate your needs, from seminar rooms for smaller meetings to large lecture halls.

Our accessible facilities feature state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, including video-streaming and teleconferencing capabilities and simultaneous translation.

Facility Rental Rates
Room Type Capacity Hourly Rate
Seminar Room 1-25 $55.00
Classroom 30-60 $55.00
Lecture Hall <100 $125.00
101-250 $175.00
>250 $225.00
Dining Hall 300 $275.00
*Minimum 4 hour charge applies.

Rates do not include taxes.

Audio Visual Equipment Rates
Item Daily Rate
Audio and Video Recording Quote will be provided.
DVD/VCR player $50.00
LCD Projector $250.00
Microphone $50.00
Overhead Projector $75.00
PA System $250.00
Portable Screen $75.00
Slide Projector $75.00
TV Monitor $30.00
Video Camera Quote will be provided.
Video Playback $150

Rates do not include taxes.

To submit your request for meeting space or facility rentals, please complete our Inquiry Form. If you are looking for further information about Accommodation & Conference Services, contact us at 416-736-2100 ext. 20325 or